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Alpine Peaks Employee Hub

This is your home base for the Alpine Peaks Employee Recognition Program. Scroll down to learn more about the program, submit digital peaks cards, and explore prizes. 

Recognition Cards

Recognition cards are the heart and soul of the program. When you see someone going the extra mile, reward them with a recognition card. These can be found at your nearest Alpine Peaks Station or you can submit them digitally via scanning the QR code at the Alpine Peaks station or by clicking button beneath cards below.

Alpine Peaks Appreciation Digital _edited_edited.png

Appreciation is shown by giving back to the community and team members at all levels recognition is made through each transaction of service and goods.

Alpine Peaks Limitless Digital .png


Alpine has continually proven that through hard work, dedication, and integrity there is no limit to what’s possible, growing and striving for better quality, and the pursuit of operational excellence.

Alpine Peaks Pride Digital .png


Pride is a key component to success, it’s evident in the quality of our work, and what we hand off to our team members to satisfy our customer, vendor, and partner.

Alpine Peaks Integrity Digital .png

​Ownership of our actions, words, and commitments to others, we do what’s right when no one is looking. Alpine seeks to be trustworthy and transparent, striving to be honest and fair in all things.

Alpine Peaks Nurture Digital .png


To grow in this company and help those around us to become the best they can be. Nurturing of relationships with team members and its customers is crucial to our company’s success.

Alpine Peaks Empowerment Digital .png

We empower our team members by listening, implementing employee ideas, giving recognition, and promoting feedback. The culture of empowerment drives our perseverance as a team to set and meet goals for Alpine’s continued success.

The Mountains

Every employee will have the chance to climb 5 different Mountains. Each mountain has fice stages: You will start at level one; once you collect all 6 recognition cards, you will have completed the mountain and will receive a shirt along with an awesome prize. Complete all 5 mountains to receive the ultimate grand prize! Click the images below to learn more about the mountain and their corresponding prizes

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens

Hood Round.png

Mount Hood

Fiji Round.png

Mount Fiji

Kilimanjaro Round.png

Mount Kilimanjaro

Everest Round.png

Mount Everest

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